Benefits of Face Mask to prevent spread of COVID 19

Benefits of Face Mask to prevent spread of COVID 19

The number of COVID-19 positive cases is rising day by day. This global pandemic has now become tougher day by day. The second wave of infection signals worse health implications. Keeping in mind the current scenario, it has become imperative to follow all the safety guidelines. Face mask remain one of the components to give protection against the corona virus spread. We must acknowledge that an ounce of prevention is worth pound of cure and wearing face masks might prove beneficial to flatten the curve.

Here are the main benefits of face mask. 

Reduces the Spread of Corona virus

Research indicates that corona virus thrives in human droplets and whenever a person with the virus coughs, sneezes or talks it poses risk of spread to others. Any person that comes in the radius of 6 feet can acquire the infection if such droplets come near nose and may enter your lungs. The chances of community spread could be due to these viral droplets. The use of face masks will prevent the virus spread through cough, sneeze or general talks.

Benefits of Face Mask

Minimizes Aerosolized Transmission

World Health Organization confirms that corona virus could be airborne for up to 3 hours. This can even make air at home unsafe to breathe in. The major challenge in this fight we can’t treat this. Although, government efforts to minimize the risk of transmission by various fumigation measures are constant still it becomes our duty to take all the precautions to mitigate the risk.

Avoid going to public places as much as possible and while going outdoor, make sure to wear mask to minimize aerosolized transmissions.

Reduce the Risk of Surface Contamination

The corona virus can survive on surfaces like stainless steel and plastics for around three days. The risk of contracting the virus increases if you touch your mouth, nose or eyes after touching the contaminated surfaces so the best way to prevent this is to wash or sanitize your hands as much as possible.

Make sure to frequently disinfect all in-house surfaces to keep you and your family safe. The efficient handling of mask reduces the risk of direct contact to the mouth and nose.

Most of the people have a tendency to forget and they don’t remember simple instructions like touching faces, so wearing a face mask minimizes the risk of surface transmission.

Wearing masks portrays self discipline

Face Mask to prevent spread of COVID 19

Face covers are a simple and cheap way to protect you from the virus. Wearing masks shows a good behavior and shows self-discipline. This has become more important in the wake of concern over asymptomatic patients.

Wearing a mask prevents a high percentage of droplets entering your respiratory system. Although, medical face masks do not guarantee 100% protection for the wearer, they still reduce the likelihood of infection and helps to reduce transmission rates.

There is huge surge in the demand of face masks as COVID-19 is a preventable disease. With some basic efforts, people can flatten the curve growing across the world.