Best Apps for Apple Watch for Better Life

Apple Watch

Having an apple watch gives a lot more than just making calls and sending short messages. The choice of apps will definitely adds to your productivity in life and give you value for money.

Read on to know more about the best apple watch apps to increase your productivity and navigate your way around along with seamless communication.

 Beachbody On Demand

Always remember that health is wealth and a continuous watch on your health with the help of wellness apps has become imperative. Beachbody is one of the top rated app for fitness lovers.It gives free access to workout plans to suit your body requirements like cardio,yoga,dance,strength exercises etc.This app shares the best nutrition and diet plans to connects you to other community for constant motivation and sharing of thoughts.You can also avail the subscription plans to get access to the best programs by renowned trainers.

Best Apps for Apple Watch for Better Life


Get your virtual friend to keep a track of your health and diet and resort to a new lifestyle to lose or gain weight or giving a start to a new diet plan. MyFitness Pal is one of the most recommended app of health and lifestyle with 6+million food options in its database along a with barcode scanner to recognise different food options. Along with the food options,this app gives free access to know more about the nutritional value of the different recipes.You can also customize your recipes to meet your health and fitness goals.

This app helps to calculate the total calories in your foods and ensure to create a perfect fit with your fitness goals.If you want to access the premium features then you have to pay a subscription fees.


With increase in work load, it has become essential to multi-task things and this makes it important to get assistant from a trusted partner to enhance your productivity at work. Evernote tops the best app list for work.The use of Evernote app gives access to all the essential information on the go like add and access to-dos,scanned notes,photos,weblinks and much more and you can even share to different platforms.This app can easily be synced to other devices so that you can access everything on your watch.This app is free to use and by paying from $7.99 monthly to $69.99 monthly you can access to other premium features.

best apple watch apps

 iTranslate Converse

Effective communication plays a crucial role to enhance productivity at work.iTranslate Converse will become very useful when you are in a country where you have to communicate with people in different languages. You can convert your watch into a translation device with iTranslate. Just tap and hold to speak and release to translate in 38 different languages. This app is free to use for a month after which you can renew it by paying a subscription fee.

Apart from these apps, there are some other interesting apps to match your needs. These apps won’t just give you value for money but will also help to make your life easier and faster.