Health Benefits of Black Pepper

Health Benefits of Black Pepper

The use black pepper brings various health benefits to body systems. It also boosts metabolism and physical and psychological health. Metabolism is a natural body process to convert food into energy. A fast metabolism helps to use the food quickly as energy and a slow metabolism leads to storing the food as fat cells. Black pepper belongs to the Piperaceae family, cultivated in South India and is used to add flavor to any dish. The presence of alkaloid piperine in black pepper boost the metabolism and it helps to break down the fat in the body. Some of the health benefits of black pepper are summed up here.

Used In Ayurvedic Medicine

This herb is used widely in preparation of many ayurvedic remedies. By using castor oil or ghee along with pepper aids in breathing and acts as a great cough therapy.

Good for Digestion

Black pepper contains hydrochloric acid that aids in digestion and clean the intestines thus reducing the risk of other gastrointestinal disorders.Thus,it is advised to use black pepper in your food.

Benefits of Black Pepper

Rich in Nutrients

Most of the people are not aware of the fact that black pepper contains a good amount of Vitamin A along with Vitamin C and K. Some other useful nutrients include thiamine, vitamin B9, vitamin B2, copper and calcium. Adding black pepper to your cup of green tea will help to loose weight. The presence of phytonutrients contributes to the reduction of excess body fat and increases metabolism rate.

Helps in Weight Loss

Weight loss requires lot of planning and preparation along with self-discipline. A proper workout schedule along with good control on your eating habits plays an important role to maintain your fitness. A good metabolism rate eases the process of shedding extra kilos.The first step to lose weight is to improve your metabolism. Black pepper is one of the spices that aids in weight loss.

Treatment of Health Problems

The combination of turmeric powder along with black pepper prevents health problems and even cancer. It also helps to heal skin pigmentation. People suffering from skin pigmentation develop white patches and use of black pepper helps to restore the original skin color.

Health benefits of great combinations of black pepper

  • The use of pepper with honey and water flush out the toxins from the body. Just take a pinch of black pepper powder along with honey and consume it in empty stomach with hot water.
  • Add few black peppers in water and boil it till the pepper seep in the water and then strain to have your cup of tea. You can also add mint, honey and like cardamom or cinnamon for additional health benefits.
  • Black pepper can also be added in cooked food like quinoa, pasta, poha, upma to add a spicy flavor. It is a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals that are essential for the body.

The versatility of this spice makes it the SPICE KING.A pinch of it can also be added in juices or buttermilk. So, get the maximum health benefits by a simple change in your life.