Health Benefits Of Black Tea

Health Benefits Of Black Tea

So many people know about the benefits of green tea but a few are known of the black tea benefits. Here in this article we will discuss the benefits of black tea. Black tea is good for health of heart.

This is most commonly used in the areas of west. Actually black tea is dry leaves of green tea and as the leaves are in dry form, the taste also changes and now the flavor is very strong. Actually the whole process is done after full oxidation and fermentation. When the flavor develops completely then the process off fermentation stopped.

Benefits of Black Tea

Benefits Of Black Tea


People who are suffering from the problem of clogged arteries or have poor functioning of arteries then they must have problem of heart strokes or heart attacks. Even a recent survey said patient have to drink 4 cups of plain water or drink 4 cups of black tea. If continuously having this for a whole month, then definitely experience better function of blood vessel.

Lessens the Cancer Cells Growth

Persons having black tea must see less risk of having colon, breast, stomach cancer. Even the chemicals present in the black tea put full stop over the growth of cancer cells. Even black tea has a compound present in it which is called TF-2 which puts the cancer cells to an end.

Tames Inflammation

A compound names TF-2 present in black tea which saves you from cancer, it also suppresses the Cox-2 gene which can trigger inflammation.

Clears Viruses

Some recent surveys said that black tea has ability to neutralize germs which includes pneumonia, diarrhea, skin infections and cystitis. Both green as well as black tea deactivates viruses like herpes.

Black Tea

Healthy Bones

Black tea has a high amount of magnesium and that is a water-soluble mineral. It helps to
maintain the health of teeth and bones.


The magnesium lies in black tea lessens the severity of asthma.

Brain Performance

Black tea has huge amount of caffeine and has about 1/3 of caffeine as that in black coffee. This is helpful for the better brain performance. Even those who are taking black tea in huge amount can also face the problem of insomnia or palpitations.

Blood Circulation

Black tea has amount of thiamine or Vitamin B1, it is a kind of water soluble vitamin and encourages the carbohydrate of body used as energy. It encourages the proper blood circulation.

Low in fat, Sodium and Calories

If you have the black tea purely without using any artificial sweeteners then it would prove to you less in sodium, calories and fats. Those who are on the path of losing weight must drink black tea regularly. Also, replace this drink with other unhealthy drinks like soda and other sweet drinks which are high calorie drinks.

Drinking black tea also helps to lessen the problems like tooth decay, it lessen the cholesterol, helps folk burn fat and encourages the work of arthritis smoothly.