Month by Month Pregnancy Stages

Pregnancy Stages

Pregnancy is a wonder stage in every lady’s life. It is heavenly feeling when you give birth to a new life. Even it is old wives’ tale that a girl can’t be called complete if she is not having a child. For pregnancy detection there are so many techniques and all these help the lady to manage lifestyle at that period.

Even pregnancy calendar is wonderful at that time. Initially it would track monthly but after some months it would track weekly or even daily. Surely, you may get so many ideas for month by month pregnancy stages but here we will discuss some important things to help you.

Pregnancy Stages Month-by-Month

Fetus Growth by Month

Month by Month Pregnancy

Fetus’ growth can be categorized in 3 trimesters which are first trimester (from week 1st to week 12th approximately 3 months), second trimester (from week 13 to week 27 which is 4th to 6th month) and the last is third trimester (from week 28th to week 42nd which is 7th to 9th month).

Fetus’ Growth during first Trimester

At the end of first month, the length of the baby is about 2mm and at that stage the development of the baby started. At that time baby is known as blastocyst. At the end of second month the length of baby is ½ inch to ¾ inches and weight of the baby is about 1-2 grams.

Now, baby has changed from blastocyst to embryo. Even at that time the heartbeat of the baby’s heart is checked with rapid heartbeat increase. When 3 months completed, length of baby becomes 3- 4 inches and weight changes to 1 ounce. Even baby makes slight movements but these can’t be felt by mother.

Fetus’ Growth during Second Trimester


At the end of four months, baby becomes 5-6 inches long and have 5-8 ounces of weight. Fifth month’s end, length changes to 7-8 inches and weight becomes ¾- 1 pound.

Now, the gender of the baby can be identified. In case, there is a girl then primitive eggs in ovaries would get started. At sixth month end, length becomes 9-10 inches and weight becomes 1 ½ -2 ¼ pounds. At that time the movements becomes rapid and felt easily by mother.

Fetus’ Growth in Third Trimester

When seventh month completed, baby becomes 11 inches long and weighs 3-3 ½ pounds. Most of the babies automatically turn their head down. At the end of eighth month, baby’s height is 13 inches long and weighs about 5-6 pounds.

Some of the kids delivered at that time. At the end of ninth month or at the time of birth the weight of the babies varies as it can be from 7-8 pounds and height can be 19-21 inches.

Most of the children take birth in that period. Even labor pains are very common. So, you must be careful about the diet and exercise and for prescription you can even contact with your doctor as right diet and exercise assure you to have healthy baby. So, good luck for your labor pain and deliver a healthy child.