How Technology will Drive the Population Health Management System

Population Health Management System

It’s no wonder that personal wellness apps getting so much attention in IOS and android. Smartphone users download apps to keep a check on healthy diet plans, get exercise advice, monitor weight and mental health support. The use of mobile helps to achieve personal health and fitness goals.

Recently situation has changed in the year 2020 due to global public health emergency coming to the forefront. This makes it good time to remember that mHealth is not concerned solely with tackling individual concerns but will prove useful in coordinated effort.

Interconnection of PHM and mHealth

Population health management is a subject within healthcare services with focus on ensuring quality care and improvement of outcomes across group of patients and communities.

mHealth is defined by WHO’s Global Observatory for eHealth for the public health practice that should be supported by mobiles and other patient monitoring devices. mHealth also permits to leverage the mobile phone’s features from the basic to advanced  for delivery of best health information along with relevant feedback.

Health Management System

Different health apps offers a non-disruptive communication channel with people and a great source for accurate and representative health data to guide on crucial healthcare policies.

How mobile technology benefits our health

We cannot deny the fact that mobile tech benefits our health and it can help to call your health care provider and it can also receive a standard text message for scheduled check-up.

In 2020,it would be hard to believe if anyone doesn’t own a mobile phone and more often a smartphone with significant computing power. With the passage of time, technology is becoming cheaper and giving access to general public to all high-speed mobile networks, updated softwares and cloud storage features.

Now the question comes as far as when PHM is concerned as how much difference mobile tech makes? According to the report of the WHO, digital health and mHealth  have constantly showing the coverage of care and giving access to health information, latest services and promotes positive changes in human behaviour to prevent the onset of chronic diseases.

The Be Healthy, Be Mobile initiative was created with the joint efforts of the WHO and International Telecommunication union. This joint body makes the best efforts to create a digital infrastructure and scale up different services. This has given positive results in addressing different health disorders related to cancer, diabetes and bronchitis.

Several organizations responsible to take care of larger groups of people are brining breakthrough technology to improve the health outcomes. The practical applications will definitely improve the health of the individuals and will give better outcomes.

Targeting health therapies with precision

The power of technology in heath will extend beyond big data applications for quality measurement and benchmarking capabilities. This will create a revolution in targeted interventions and health protocols. In addition to this, technology helps to integrate the individual patient data to trace the different patterns in larger populations.

A new battlefield: mobile PHM against COVID-19

In addition to this, mHealth is all geared up for another ambitious initiative-COVID-19 control and prevention. The development team of android and IOS are making joint efforts to launch a comprehensive mobile solution.