How to Stay Productive During Pandemic?

How to Stay Productive During Pandemic

Most of us understand that our productivity has declined in recent past. The mental trauma of the lockdown and the COVID 19 has majorly affected the productive. At the same time, we should understand that the pandemic is not going to get over in near future and it’s not safe going outside but the performance graph has to get up as further down would badly affect our mental health and career.

We have come up with several options on how to be productive and develop your own character. A little seriousness in your daily routine and a fraction of your daily screen time would create an impact in the long run in this post-pandemic situation. So, integrate workplace re-entry, reimagination and resiliency.



In the current scenario, it is very difficult to get a new job. All organizations are finding best ways to cut down the costs and firing being one of the most common trends these days. When these organizations cut down such expenses, they try to find out other ways to get work done by spending less money and hire freelancers.

Freelancers provide a benefit to the companies by working at a less cost and are not at all liability for company as they are paid only for work done. On the freelancer end, they got an opportunity to work for multiple organizations at same time and can earn money. Some of the online portals act as bridge between companies and people who are willing to work in such model. Working for different companies gives a platform to grow and earn more.

Grow Your Network

Grow your Network

In the present era of digital world, everyone seek stronger and diverse connections. Virtual meetings can also help to get much work done. The increased use of social media helps to develop and improve the right skill and stay in line with the recent market trends.

Popular websites like LinkedIn etc.can be used to keep a pulse on the job market and meet prospective clients and partners and get access to right resources to grow and perform in your career. A strong network is interrelated to the productivity as you can perform well with people who understand you.

Due to COVID-19, workplace disruption has taken place across all geographies and industries and people who can effectively manage this disruption will be well-positioned and they’ll be well prepared for future crisis too. Managers have to play a major role to shape up the workplace culture and behaviors properly.

 Enhance Individual Productivity

individual productivity

Create strict deadlines and establish boundaries to enhance productivity. Explore ideas to address specific challenges to achieve your targets. At the same time, ensure good health and try to get up and move every hour as sitting for longer duration is not good for health. Create a daily task list and be prepared to change your priorities and focus area and switch tasks to remain productive. Be respectful of time to stay productive. Be proactive. Begin your day with meditation, prayer; listening to motivational messages, do exercise. At the end of the day, do something you love like watching a comedy, listening your favorite music etc.